The reason is linked to several factors including increased and

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best hermes replica Some 200,000 working days a year are lost to absenteeism caused by lack of sleep Get the biggest daily news stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersIf so, you’re far from alone. One in three people in the UK suffer from some form of insomnia, with 200,000 working days a year lost to absenteeism caused by lack of sleep.Now research has found getting less than seven hours of sleep can damage our DNA beyond repair.The study, by the University of Hong Kong, revealed sleep high quality hermes replica uk caused substantial damage to the genes of otherwise healthy young adults and this damage has elsewhere been linked to a higher risk of cancer and other serious diseases.A second study found getting enough Replica Hermes Bags shut eye could boost the body’s production of infection fighting white blood cells.Kate admits she was “very naive as a parent” about a certain part of childhoodResearchers at the University of T in Germany believe this white blood cell boost helps explain why people who sleep eight hours or more per night have a stronger immune system and lower rates of many physical illnesses and depression.Why sleep is a healer It comes after a growing number of studies showed getting sufficient sleep provides a big boost for our health warding Replica Hermes Birkin off everything from heart disease to cancer.One key reason is that sleep is the time when all the cells in our body get to work repairing themselves.The reason is linked to several factors including increased and not having enough energy to exercise.”Research has found sleep deprived people feel hungrier and eat more calories over the course of the day,” agrees Hermes Replica Bags nutritionist Linda Foster.”And they also tend to pick less healthy, more sugary and high fat foods.”This may be because lack of sleep increases the body’s levels of “hunger hormone” ghrelin.Your six point Hermes Kelly Replica plan for getting the perfect night Establishing a great pre bedtime routine what’s known as good “sleep hygiene” will help you drop Hermes Bags Replica off more easily and stay slumbering until morning. Try the following.1 best hermes replica.